Dans le cadre d’un projet commun initié par Julie Duquette (du blogue Escargot et coquille) avec la collaboration de Julie R-Bordeleau, il a été demandé aux parents éducateurs de témoigner de leurs expériences de scolarisation à domicile. Le thème proposé traite de ce que la scolarisation à domicile représente pour eux (leur famille, leurs enfants), de ce que cela leur apporte et de comment ils la vivent au quotidien. Vous pouvez trouver l’article expliquant davantage le projet ici.

Cette série d’articles nous permettra de connaître différentes expériences de gens qui vivent le “homeschooling” en Alberta. Je vous invite aussi à lire l’article Témoignage d’une famille canadienne française qui a vécu la scolarisation à domicile en Alberta ainsi qu’en Ontario. La maman éducatrice y explique très bien comment les deux provinces fonctionnent.

À noter que nous avons préféré conserver le texte suivant dans sa langue d’origine afin de préserver l’essence du témoignage. Sans plus tarder, voici donc un deuxième témoignage d’une famille vivant l’école à domicile.

par Hania Ollivierre

Our family treasures our freedom to choose how we educate our children.  In fact, we find that homeschooling has created a love of life-long learning within our family.  One way that our family demonstrates this is that both parents actively seek learning opportunities for ourselves in addition to all the learning and discovery our children are up to.

One of the apsects of homeschooling that we love is our community of homeschoolers in our city of Edmonton as well as across the province.  There are so many community events we take part in throughout the year!  Our children have done science days, theatre appreciation, family dances, weekly park days, botanical gardens field trips, legislature tours, camping trips, interactive Halloween themed plays, skiing events, winter ice festivals, Seasonal celebrations in the park, bird watching, tobogganing, skating, board games, art and so much more, all with our community of homeschooling families.  There are so many things that we do that enrich our home education that get us out into the world with other homeschoolers.

In Alberta we enjoy many school boards that facilitate home education.  Each school board has the flexibility to offer online courses, teacher support, community events, sports days, travel opportunities, and resource support.  These school boards extend, by law, half of the funding that the government gives them for each child registered with them. This funding reimburses families for educational expenses.  We have purchased art supplies, computers, books, and more with our funding.  This has helped our children develop their reading, writing and typing skills, internet research and numerous educational games and exercises.  

Homeschooling has given our family the freedom to take the stress out of school.  My daughter had tremendous anxiety at school which became detrimental to her learning.  As a homeschooling child, I’ve seen her grow and learn in spite of the anxiety she developed during her school years.  She no longer worries about everything and she has flourished in her peer group.  She reads and writes well above grade level and she enjoys the freedom to learn at her own pace in other subject areas as well.  

In Alberta we have a set of Learning Objectives that need to be met by the time the child is 18 years old. This gives us the opportunity to be flexible with our education plan each year.  We use an unschooling approach and our children have been doing really well with it.  We have teacher facilitators who meet with us twice yearly to ensure our children are indeed learning and to support the families with filing paperwork and anything the family may need.  Our facilitator helped us at the beginning to navigate the system of homeschooling.  We always look forward to her visits and she knows my children well.  This system works very well for my children who are keen learners, interested in many things and fully integrated in our community as well as other communities in their lives like our neighbourhood and their choir.

The opportunity to homeschool our children has made a big difference for us.  Our family is healthier, happier and learning all the time.

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